Supreme Court Rules


Please Note: On May 17, 2005, the Tennessee Supreme Court filed an order revising the Advisory Commission Comments to these Rules, deleting obsolete material. For the Comments in effect prior to May 17, 2005, Refer to the Archived Rules.

1: Scope.
2: [Repealed]
3: Requirement of Counsel to Abridge the Record on Appeal.
4: Publication of Opinions — Not for Citation Designation — Precedential Value and Citation of Unpublished Opinions.
5: Research Assistants.
6: Admission of Attorneys.
7: Licensing of Attorneys.
8: Rules of Professional Conduct.
9: Disciplinary Enforcement.
10: Code of Judicial Conduct.
10A: Judicial Ethics Opinions.
10B: Disqualification or Recusal of a Judge; Filing and Disposition of Motions and Appeal.
11: Supervision of the Judicial System.
12: First - Degree Murder Trial Reports and Appeals in Capital Cases.
13: Appointment, Qualifications, and Compensation of Counsel for Indigent Defendants.
13A: [Deleted.][Obsolete.]
14: Withdrawal of Counsel for Indigent Party after Adverse Decision in Intermediate Appellate Court.
15: Reimbursement of Costs in Mental Health Proceedings.
16: Appointment and Compensation of Counsel for Indigent Persons in Parole Revocation Hearings.
17: Uniform Judgment Document.
17A: Order of Deferral (Judicial Diversion)
18: Local Rules of Practice in the Trial Courts of Tennessee.
19: Appearance Pro Hac Vice in Proceedings Before Tennessee Agencies and Courts by Lawyers Not Licensed to Practice Law in Tennessee
20: Appearance in the Trial and Appellate Courts of Tennessee by Nonresident Lawyers Admitted to Practice in Tennessee but Having no Office in this State.
21: Rule for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education.
22: Appointment of Magistrates in Child Support Cases.
23: Certification of Questions of State Law from Federal Court.
24: Rules of Procedure Governing Petitions for Waiver of Parental Consent for Abortions by Minors.
25: Tennessee Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection.
26: Official Electronic Recordings of Court Proceedings.
27: [Repealed]
28: Tennessee Rules of Post-Conviction Procedure.
29: Uniform Civil Affidavit of Indigency.
30: Media Guidelines.
31: Alternative Dispute Resolution - Mediation.
31A: Alternative Dispute Resolution - Case Evaluation, Judicial Settlement Conference, Mini-Trial, Non-Binding Arbitration, and Summary Jury Trial.
32: Term of the Chief Justice.
33: Tennessee Lawyer Assistance Program.
34: Public Access to Court Records.
35: Standard Format for Appellate Court Opinions and Orders.
36: Standard Paper Size for Tennessee State Courts.
37: [Repealed - Effective March 2, 2011]
38: Divorcing Parent Education and Mediation Fund.
39: Exhaustion of Remedies.
40: Guidelines for Guardians Ad Litem for Children in Juvenile Court Neglect, Abuse and Dependency Proceedings.
40A: Appointment of Guardians Ad Litem in Custody Proceedings.
41: Rules of Ethics for Spoken Foreign Language Interpreters in Tennessee Courts.
42: Standards for Court Interpreters.
43: Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts.
44: [Deleted and Reserved.]
45: Americans with Disabilities Act.
46: Electronic Filing.
46A.: Electronic Service of Papers E-Filed Pursuant to Local Rules of Court.
47: Provision of Legal Services Following Determination of Major Disaster.
48: Assuming Jurisdiction Over Undecided Cases.
49: Continuity of Operation Plan for the Tennessee Courts.
50: Tennessee Access to Justice Commission.
50A: Rules of the Tennessee Supreme Court Special Initiatives to Improve Access to Justice.
51: Procedures in Workers' Compensation Appeals.
52: Forms Approved for Use in Tennessee Courts.
53: Collaborative Family Law
54: Interim Rule for Special Three-Judge Panels