Appellate E-Filing

Attorneys may electronically file documents using the Appellate Court Clerk's E-Filing system. Click here for Appellate E-Filing.




News Release on Appellate E-Filing
Supreme Court Rule 46

Rules & Laws

T.R. Civ. P. Rule 5B
Supreme Court Rule 46
T.R. Crim. P. Rule 49.2
T.R. Juv. P. Rule 106(h)

TCA §8-21-401 (o)
TCA §16-15-701


Electronic Filing is available in numerous Chancery, Circuit, Criminal, Probate, General Sessions, and Juvenile Courts throughout the state. Below is a list of courts that have been approved for e-filing. We have provided a hyperlink to the e-filing portal for the court, if available. 

Blount County Circuit Court (Civil)

Coffee County
   - Coffee County Chancery Court
   - Coffee County Circuit Court
   - Coffee County General Sessions Court
   - Coffee County Juvenile Court

Davidson County
   - Davidson County Circuit Court
   - Davidson County General Sessions Civil
   - Davidson County Chancery Court
   - Davidson County Criminal Court
   - Davidson County Juvenile Court

Frankllin County
   - Franklin County Circuit Court
   - Franklin County General Sessions Court
   - Franklin County Juvenile Court

Greene County
    - Greene County Chancery Court
    - Greene County Circuit Court

Hamblen County Chancery Court

Hamilton County
    - Hamilton County Juvenile Court
    - Hamilton County Chancery Court

Hancock County Chancery Court

Jefferson County
   - Jefferson County Circuit Court Civil
   - Jefferson County General Sessions Court Civil
   - Jefferson County Juvenile Court

Montgomery County
   - Montgomery County Chancery Court
   - Montgomery County Circuit Civil

Rutherford County
   - Rutherford County Chancery Court
   - Rutherford County Circuit Court 

Sequatchie County Chancery Court

Shelby County
   - Shelby County Chancery Court
   - Shelby County Circuit Court Civil

Sumner County
   - Sumner County Chancery Court
   - Sumner County Circuit Court Civil

Williamson County
   - Williamson County Chancery Court
   - Williamson County Circuit Court Civil                     



All courts in Tennessee are authorized and encouraged to implement E-Filing. For E-Filing, courts need to have a case management system, a document management system and e-filing software. The following are currently the pre-approved vendors: ImageSoft (TrueFiling), Intresys (TurboCourt), Tybera (eFlex) and Tyler Technologies (Odyssey). Counties or courts may apply to the Supreme Court Trial Court E-Filing Oversight Committee for approval.