Judicial ADA Policy

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a federal law that prohibits discrimination against any qualified individual with a disability. The Tennessee Judicial Branch ensures that discrimination against any individual on the basis of physical or mental disability is prohibited by providing equal access to the courts and its judicial programs. Where needed, the Tennessee Judicial Branch will provide reasonable accommodations in order to permit access to all of its programs, services and activities to qualified individuals with disabilities.

What kinds of assistance can be provided to me?
The Tennessee judicial branch ADA program can provide assistance to ensure that the court and its programs are accessible and that persons can effectively communicate with the court. Assistance may be provided in the form of a sign language interpreter, Braille documents, or the moving of court to a wheelchair accessible location.

What kinds of assistance cannot be provided?
The Tennessee judicial branch ADA program cannot provide assistance that would change the basic nature of the judicial system. For example, the ADA program cannot force a legal decision on the court, such as a dismissal of a case, a change of venue or ruling on a legal matter. The appointment of an attorney to represent a party to a civil case cannot be required. Transportation to and/or from a scheduled court appearance cannot be provided.



'If you have questions about ADA issues, you may contact the Local Judicial Program ADA Coordinator for the county or the specific court in which your case is scheduled to be heard.

Click Here for a Listing of ADA Coordinators

You may also contact the Tennessee Judicial Program ADA Coordinator:

ADA Coordinator
511 Union Street, Ste. 600
NashvilleTN 37219
(615) 741-2687 OR (800) 448-7970


ADA Request for Modification form - This form is to be used for requesting accommodation under Tennessee Judicial Branch Policy 2.07

Judicial branch ADA policy

Sample ADA signage for courthouses - This is a ADA courthouse signage template to be used by local ADA coordinators 

Interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing

Resources for attorneys with deaf clients

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