Rules of Evidence

Article I. General Provisions
101: Scope
102: Purpose and Construction
103: Rulings on Evidence.
104: Preliminary Questions
105: Limited Admissibility.
106: Writings or Recorded Statements - Completeness.
Article II. Judicial Notice
201: Judicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts.
202: Judicial Notice of Law.
Article III. Presumptions
301: Reserved
Article IV. Relevance
401: Definition of "Relevant Evidence."
402: Relevant Evidence Generally Admissible; Irrelevant Evidence Inadmissible.
403: Exclusion of Relevant Evidence on Grounds of Prejudice, Confusion, or Waste of Time.
404: Character Evidence Not Admissible to Prove Conduct; Exceptions; Other Crimes.
405: Methods of Proving Character.
406: Habit; Routine Practice.
407: Subsequent Remedial Measures.
408: Compromise and Offers to Compromise.
409: Payment of Medical and Similar Expenses.
409.1: Expressions of Sympathy or Benevolence.
410: Inadmissibility of Pleas, Plea Discussions, and Related Statements.
411: Liability Insurance.
412: Sex Offense Cases; Relevance of Victim's Sexual Behavior.
Article V. Privileges
501: Privileges Recognized Only as Provided.
502: Limitations on Waiver of Privileged Information or Work Product.
Article VI. Witnesses
601: General Rule of Competency.
602: Lack of Personal Knowledge.
603: Oath or Affirmation.
604: Interpreters.
605: Competency of Judge as Witness.
606: Competency of Juror as Witness.
607: Who may Impeach?
608: Evidence of Character and Conduct of Witness.
609: Impeachment by Evidence of Conviction of Crime.
610: Religious Beliefs or Opinions.
611: Mode and Order of Interrogation and Presentation.
612: Writing Used to Refresh Memory.
613: Prior Statements of Witnesses.
614: Calling and Interrogation of Witness by Court.
615: Exclusion of Witnesses.
616: Impeachment by Bias or Prejudice.
617: Impeachment by Impaired Capacity.
618: Impeachment of Expert by Learned Treatises.
Article VII. Opinions and Expert Testimony
701: Opinion Testimony by Lay Witnesses.
702: Testimony by Experts.
703: Bases of Opinion Testimony by Experts.
704: Opinion on Ultimate Issue.
705: Disclosure of Facts or Data Underlying Expert Opinion.
706: Court-Appointed Experts.
Article VIII. Hearsay
801: Definitions.
802: Hearsay Rule.
803: Hearsay Exceptions.
804: Hearsay Exceptions; Declarant Unavailable.
805: Hearsay within Hearsay.
806: Attacking and Supporting Credibility of Declarant.
Article IX. Authentication
901: Requirement of Authentication or Identification.
902: Self-Authentication.
903: Subscribing Witnesses' Testimony.
Article X. Contents of Writings, Recordings, and Photographs
1001: Definitions.
1002: Requirement of Original.
1003: Admissibility of Duplicates.
1004: Admissibility of Other Evidence of Contents.
1005: Public Records.
1006: Summaries.
1007: Testimony or Written Admission of Party.
1008: Functions of Court and Jury.