Judge Dinkins Hosts Nashville Bar Association Interns at Courthouse

June 27, 2013

Tennessee Court of Appeals Judge Richard H. Dinkins spoke recently to a dozen participants in the Nashville Bar Association High School Internship Program.

Judge Dinkins, who has participated in the program for several years, hosted lunch and invited the students into the court chambers, where he spoke about seizing the many opportunities that students have as they make their way through school and beyond.

Supreme Court Justice Cornelia Clark also spoke to the students, and Court of Appeals Judge Andy Bennett gave the students a tour of the Tennessee Judiciary Museum, which is celebrating its inaugural year.

The primary focus of the program is to expose minority junior and senior high school students to the legal profession.  Law firms, corporate legal departments and government offices hire students to serve as runners, filing clerks, or administrative assistants for the summer.

Judge Dinkins speaks to Nashville area high school students in the courtroom in the Supreme Court Building.