State of Tennessee v. Tyshon Booker (Concur)

Case Number: E2018-01439-SC-R11-CD
Not so long ago, it was commonplace for states to require juveniles convicted of
homicide to serve sentences of over fifty years. Now, that practice has vanished. A review
of sentencing statutes enacted by state legislatures and court decisions shows that there is
now only one state where juvenile offenders face a mandatory non-aggregated sentence of
more than 50 years for first-degree murder with no aggravating factors—Tennessee. In the
entirety of the nation, Tennessee stands alone.
Authoring Judge: Justice Holly Kirby
Originating Judge: Judge G. Scott Green
Case Name: State of Tennessee v. Tyshon Booker (Concur)
Date Filed:
Dissent or Concur: No
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