State of Tennessee v. Prince Adams (Argued in Memphis)

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Lower Court Summary

The defendant, Prince Adams, was convicted by a Shelby County jury of premeditated
first degree murder and subsequently sentenced to life in the Tennessee Department of
Correction. He now appeals his conviction, presenting five issues for our review: (1)
whether the evidence is sufficient to support the conviction; (2) whether the trial court
properly allowed into evidence photographs of the victim (a) while she was alive and (b)
of her body at the crime scene; (3) whether the court properly denied the defendant’s
motion in limine with regard to the admission of his prior domestic violence charge; (4)
whether the defendant is entitled to a new trial because an alternate juror left a note
expressing his position with regard to the defendant’s guilt, which was found by the jury
foreperson prior to jury deliberations; and (5) whether the court correctly denied the
defendant’s request for a special jury instruction on diminished capacity. Following
review of the record, we find no issue that would entitle the defendant to relief. As such,
the conviction and sentence are affirmed.

Supreme Court
Western Section