Richard J. Hartigan Et Al. v. Arnold Brush Et Al.

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This is the second appeal in this action for breach of a contract to purchase improved real property. Prior to the first appeal, the trial court, having found following a bench trial that the defendant buyers, Arnold Brush and Pamela Sue Brush, had breached the parties’ purchase and sale agreement, initially entered damage awards in favor of the plaintiffs, who included the sellers, Richard J. Hartigan and Leila R. Hartigan; the Hartigans’ realtor, James M. Henry d/b/a Coldwell Banker Jim Henry & Associates (“Coldwell Banker”); and a realty company, Lakeway Realty Group, Inc. (“Lakeway Realty”), with whom the Brushes had entered into a buyer representation agreement. Mr. Brush, by then acting individually and as the Administrator of the Estate of Pamela Sue Brush, appealed to this Court, raising issues concerning the trial court’s calculations of damages and pre-judgment interest. This Court affirmed the judgment in favor of Lakeway Realty but vacated the award of damages and prejudgment interest to the Hartigans and the calculation of prejudgment interest awarded to Coldwell Banker. This Court directed that upon remand, the trial court was to enter additional findings of fact regarding the fair market value of the property, with further proceedings as necessary, and recalculate the amount of prejudgment interest awarded to Coldwell Banker.

Authoring Judge
Judge Thomas R. Frierson, II
Originating Judge
Chancellor Frank V. Williams, III
Case Name
Richard J. Hartigan Et Al. v. Arnold Brush Et Al.
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