Great American Opportunities, Inc. v. James A. Brigman

Case Number: M2016-02035-COA-R3-CV

This is a breach of contract action in which the plaintiff employer filed suit against its employee, claiming that he was liable for balances on his commission and sales accounts and for breach of loyalty pursuant to the terms of the employment agreement. Following a bench trial, the court ruled in favor of the employee and ordered the employer to direct the redemption of his stock held in the parent company. We reverse, in part, and hold that the parent company is not obligated to redeem the stock and that the employer is entitled to $15,000 in damages for unearned compensation as a result of the employee’s breach of loyalty. The court’s judgment is affirmed in all other respects. We remand for the collection of attorney fees and costs.   

Authoring Judge: Judge John W. McClarty
Originating Judge: Chancellor Russell T. Perkins
Case Name: Great American Opportunities, Inc. v. James A. Brigman
Date Filed:
Dissent: No
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