Oral Arguments

Tennessee Appellate Court Remote Video Argument Guide

Effective May 1, 2013, oral arguments are posted on the website of the Tennessee Court System 20 days after oral argument and are available to the general public. A party to an appeal may file a motion with the appellate court to exclude the oral argument from posting on the internet for good cause shown.  See Supreme Court Rule 30.  Examples of good cause include a showing that the posting of audio recordings would create a safety threat for a party, witness, lawyer, or other individual involved in the litigation, or a showing that private or embarrassing information affecting a juvenile was disclosed in oral argument.  That motion must be filed no later than 10 days after the oral argument is heard.

Audio disc recordings of oral arguments after February 2007 are available at a cost of $20.00. These recordings are in a "wav" format and can be played on any personal computer or other electronic device that has Windows Media Player.  Persons interested in obtaining such discs may contact the Appellate Court Clerk's Office at 615-741-2681 or 401 7th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37219.

Audio devices are available for the hearing impaired who wish to attend an oral argument.  Such requests should be made to Jim Hivner, the Clerk, at 615-741-1314 well in advance of the argument.

Format: 05/21/2022
Format: 05/21/2022
TMS Contracting, LLC v. Smithgroup JJR, Inc. Et Al.
10/07/21 9:00am Court of Appeals Montgomery County Middle Section
Kendra C. Killian v. Aubrey D. Moore
10/07/21 10:00am Court of Appeals Wilson County Middle Section
Buddy Davis v. Tennessee Board of Appeals
10/07/21 11:00am Court of Appeals Davidson County Middle Section
Brian Koblitz v. State of Tennessee
10/07/21 1:00pm Court of Appeals Davidson County Middle Section
Cookeville Platinum, LLC v. Satellite M.D., LLC
10/07/21 2:00pm Court of Appeals Putnam County Middle Section
David L. Liles, Et Al. v. Michael E. Young, Et Al.
10/07/21 3:00pm Court of Appeals Davidson County Middle Section
In Re Daniel G.
10/12/21 9:30am Court of Appeals Monroe County Eastern Section
Park Place Boat Dock Association, Inc. Et Al. v. Gary Phillips Construction, LLC, Et Al.
10/12/21 10:30am Court of Appeals Washington County Eastern Section
Moore Freight Services, Inc. v. Grant Mize Et Al.
10/12/21 11:30am Court of Appeals Knox County Eastern Section
Kim Renae Nelson v. Loring E. Justice
10/12/21 2:30pm Court of Appeals Roane County Eastern Section
Timothy Lee Malone v. Anthony Viele Et Al.
10/13/21 9:30am Court of Appeals Carter County Eastern Section
Meghan Conley v. Knox County Sheriff, Et Al.
10/13/21 10:30am Court of Appeals Knox County Eastern Section
Chelsea Schroer v. Teddy Crabtree Et Al.
10/13/21 1:30pm Court of Appeals Anderson County Eastern Section
Vanquish Worldwide, LLC v. Sentinel Insurance Co., LTD ET AL.
10/13/21 2:30pm Court of Appeals Blount County Eastern Section
Estate Of Martha Harrison Bane v. John Bane Et Al.
10/13/21 3:30pm Court of Appeals Cocke County Eastern Section
Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., et al. v. City of Memphis, et al.
10/26/21 9:00am Court of Appeals Shelby County Western Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/w2019-00299-coa-r3-cv-elvis-presley-enterprises-inc-et-al-v-city-of-memphis-et-al-1
State of Tennessee v. Emily Leanne Brooks (Zoom Docket)
10/26/21 9:30am Court of Criminal Appeals Hamilton County Eastern Section
Lisa Boyd v. David Benjamin Gibson, IV, M.D., et al.
10/26/21 10:00am Court of Appeals Shelby County Western Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/w2020-01305-coa-r3-cv-lisa-boyd-v-david-benjamin-gibson-iv-md-et-al
State of Tennessee v. Robert Atwell (Zoom Docket)
10/26/21 10:30am Court of Criminal Appeals Washington County Eastern Section
In Re Carlee A.
10/26/21 11:00am Court of Appeals Shelby County Western Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/w2020-01256-coa-r3-pt-in-re-carlee-a
State of Tennessee v. Stephen D. Anderson (Zoom Docket)
10/26/21 11:30am Court of Criminal Appeals Carter County Eastern Section
Aron J. Austin v. Southern Roofing & Renovations, LLC, et al.
10/26/21 1:00pm Court of Appeals Shelby County Western Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/w2020-01160-coa-r3-cv-aron-j-austin-v-southern-roofing-renovations-llc-et-al
State of Tennessee v. Terrance Reece (Zoom Docket)
10/26/21 1:30pm Court of Criminal Appeals Knox County Eastern Section
Julius T. Malone, et al. v. ASF Intermodal, LLC
10/26/21 2:00pm Court of Appeals Shelby County Western Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/w2020-00430-coa-r3-cv-julius-t-malone-et-al-v-asf-intermodal-llc
State of Tennessee v. John William Gay (Zoom Docket)
10/26/21 2:30pm Court of Criminal Appeals Bradley County Eastern Section