The Appellate Court Clerk's office works for the Tennessee Supreme Court, Tennessee Court of Appeals and Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals. Relative to these Courts, the primary responsibilities of the Office of the Appellate Court Clerk include:

  1. filing and processing all briefs, motions and other documents for cases on appeal;
  2. scheduling all oral arguments;
  3. filing all orders and opinions issued; and
  4. notifying all parties to appeals of all filings.

The dedicated staff with 30 employees are located at the Supreme Court buildings in Nashville, Knoxville, and Jackson, Tennessee. 

**The Tennessee Supreme Court has established a new fee structure for costs and fees assessed in appellate courts. Beginning July 9, 2018, appellate litigants will be required to pay their fees when initiating a case in the appellate courts. View the order. More information will be posted on this page before the change goes into effect. 

Effective July 1, 2017 - The Notice of Appeal is no longer filed with the trial court clerk but shall be filed at the office of the Appellate Court Clerk.  More information on the new procedures for filing a Notice of Appeal can be found here.

A Notice of Appeal form and additional resources related to the filing of an appeal in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals or the Court of Criminal Appeals can be found in the Forms and Resources section of this webpage.