Advisory Task Force on Composition of Judicial Districts Public Comments

October 2019

Public Comment Submitted by K. Dowding - 10.25.19

September 2019

Public Comment Letter #3 Submitted by Leah Aden - NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. - 9.15.19

Letter to Leah Aden and Samuel Spital from Chancellor Telford Forgety with attachments - 10.1.19

August 2019


July 2019


June 2019


Public Comment Submitted by Rep. Kirk Haston - District 72 - 6.11.19

Public Comment Submitted by J. Wallace Harvill to Chancellor Jim Kyle dated 5.31.19

Public Comment Submitted by Judge Brody Kane to Advisory Task Force dated 6.4.19

May 2019

Memorandum from Judges and Chancellors of the First Judicial District Submitted by Judge J. Eddie Lauderback - May 23, 2019

Public Comment Submitted by C. Phillip Bivens - May 22, 2019

Public Comment Submitted by Attorney Andrew S. Thompson - May 21, 2019

Public Comment from Tyler Weiss, Worthington & Weiss, submitted via email on May 17, 2019

  • Opposition to the redistricting to the 10th judicial district and the reduced access to Judges to serve Monroe County citizens.

Resolution Submitted by Tyler Weiss on Behalf of Tennessee Bar Association in Opposition to Redistricting Monroe County Out of the 10th Judicial District - May 17, 2019

Public Comments Submitted by Magistrate Gregory Miller - 8th Judicial District - May 15, 2019

April 2019