Supreme Court to Introduce Tennessee Business Court Pilot Project in Davidson County

March 16, 2015

A new pilot project in Davidson County court will open the door to increased efficiencies in complex business litigation in Tennessee.

Davidson County Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle will preside over the pilot project, which is expected to start taking cases May 1. A chancellor since 1995, Lyle has expertise in handling complex business and commercial disputes, and will provide proactive, hands-on case management. The pilot project will gather data and information to identify best practices for development of potential future Tennessee Business Courts.

The pilot project court will focus on complex business litigation with the goals of expediting cases and developing a body of rulings from which lawyers and litigants can better predict and assess outcomes in business cases. An evaluation process will be put in place to determine the effectiveness of the court.

“Our court system must do a better job serving the needs of businesses that provide jobs to Tennesseans. With the creation of a business court, we will have more predictable, consistent results, and more timely resolutions of business disputes,” said Chief Justice Sharon Lee. “This will be a great tool to attract and retain business in Tennessee.”

More than half the states have business courts, which have proven an effective tool for business retention, economic development, and enhanced effectiveness of the judicial system.

The Supreme Court order also says non-business case dockets will benefit from the removal of complex and time-consuming business cases from the general docket.

 See a copy of the Court’s order.