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Proposed Rules & Amendments

In some instances, the Supreme Court solicits comments from the public regarding its proposed Rules. Please see the list below for more information about Rules that are open to public comment.

We now offer the option to submit comments electronically. If you would like to submit a comment electronically, please click here.

Supreme Court
Rule 6: Admission of Attorneys. 03/25/15Supreme Court Order Soliciting Comments - SCT Rules 6, 7 & 8 (RPC 5.5) - ADM2015-00443
Rule 9: Disciplinary Enforcement. 01/30/15Comments on Proposed Amendment of Supreme Court Rule 9, Section 10.10 and Section 10.02
Rule 12: First - Degree Murder Trial Reports and Appeals in Capital Cases. 01/14/15Comments to Proposed Amendments to Rule 12 Section 4(A) and Section 4(E)
Rule 30: Media Guidelines. 03/13/15Order soliciting written comments to proposed amendments of Supreme Court Rule 30