Judicial Resources

This section of the website offers information, forms and other resources for judges, clerks and administrative staff for the Tennessee court system. For additional assistance or questions, please contact the Administrative Office of the Courts at 615-741-2687.

Judicial Application Information

When there is a trial or appellate court vacancy, the official notice will be posted on this site.

Appellate Court Vacancies

Where there is a vacancy to be filled on the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, or the Court of Criminal Appeals, the Governor's Council for Judicial Appointments reviews and recommends applicants for the governor’s consideration. The governor may then appoint one of the recommended applicants to fill the vacancy. Appellate court judges also must be confirmed by the Legislature.

For more information about the nomination process, please read the judicial application instructions.

To apply for a vacancy, interested candidates must complete the application questionnaire and waiver. The application and waiver can be downloaded below.

Judicial Application and Waiver - Word

Trial Court Vacancies

The Trial Court Vacancy Commission recommends to the governor nominees for trial court vacancies. After the governor has notified the commission of a vacancy, the commission solicits applicants, conducts a public hearing and interviews, and selects three nominees for consideration by the governor.

Interested applicants for any position listed below should read the instructions and complete an Trial Court Vacancy Commission applicant questionnaire.



2nd Judicial District Circuit Court

30th Judicial District Circuit Court

4th Judicial District Circuit Court (Official Notice)

11th Judicial District Circuit Court (Official Notice)

Map of Judicial Districts

Learn more about the courts in each county. Explore the Map.

Qualifications for Judicial Office

Supreme Court judges must be residents of the state for five years before their election.  Tenn. Const., Art. VI, Sec. 3; T.C.A. § 16-3-101(c).  No more than two members of the Supreme Court may reside in any one of the grand divisions of the state. Tenn. Const., Art. VI, Sec. 2; T.C.A. § 16-3-101.  Each candidate shall reside in the grand division for which the candidate is elected and the two at large judges cannot reside in the same grand division. T.C.A. § 16-3-101(b).  A judge of the Supreme Court shall be thirty-five (35) years of age. T.C.A § 17-1-101.

Judges of inferior courts, which include the intermediate appellate courts and state trial courts, must have been residents of the state for five years before their election and of the circuit or district for one year before their election.  Tenn. Const., Art. VI, Sec. 4; T.C.A. § 16-4-102; T.C.A. § 16-5-102.  Of the twelve judges of the Court of Appeals and Court of Criminal Appeals, no more than four may reside in one grand division.  T.C.A. § 16-4-102 and T.C.A. § 16-5-102.  Each state court judge and chancellor must reside in the judicial district for which the judge or chancellor is elected.  T.C.A. § 17-1-102.  Each judge shall be at least thirty (30) years of age.  T.C.A. § 17-1-101.  Each judge shall be licensed to practice law.  T.C.A. §§ 16-4-102 and 16-5-102.