Court of Appeals

Created by the General Assembly in 1925, the Court of Appeals hears appeals in civil—or non-criminal—cases from trial courts and certain state boards and commissions. The court has 12 members who sit in panels of three. The panels meet monthly in Jackson, Knoxville and Nashville. When necessary, the court may meet in alternate locations. Learn more here.

January 24, 2020
 The Governor’s Council for Judicial Appointments is now accepting applications for the Court of Appeals vacancy created by the retirement of the Honorable Charles D. Susano, Jr., effective...
January 6, 2020
After more than 25 years of service, Tennessee’s longest serving State Appellate Judge, Charles D. Susano Jr., has announced he will retire from the bench effective April 30, 2020. In a letter to...
November 7, 2019
Court of Appeals Judge Richard H. Dinkins recently took to the pages of The Tennessean to advocate for public school teachers. Judge Dinkins argues that an essential step to creating equity in...
October 18, 2019
The Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct has named Judge Marshall L. Davidson III as its new disciplinary counsel.  Judge Davidson will begin serving as disciplinary counsel on January 1, 2020....
July 24, 2019
Judge Carma Dennis McGee was publicly sworn in as a member of one of Tennessee’s highest courts Friday in Savannah at an investiture.  Judge McGee, a former 24th Judicial District chancellor,...

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