in Re Estate of Eunice Katherine Sanders McCollum

in Re Estate of Eunice Katherine Sanders McCollum

This is a probate case, and the parties are Decedent’s children. Appellant son filed a claim against Appellee daughter, alleging that she mishandled the Decedent’s financial affairs, both during Decedent’s life and after her death in 2007. In 2009, the trial court appointed a special master, who conducted two evidentiary hearings and filed two reports, which essentially exonerated Appellee from any wrong-doing. Two years later, the trial court ordered the Administrator of the estate to pay certain fees and file certain applications so that the estate could be closed, and dismissed all pending motions filed by the parties. Appellant filed a motion to alter or amend the judgment of the trial court that was denied. Concluding that the Appellant did not have standing to bring a claim against Appellee, we affirm and remand.  

Authoring Judge: 
Judge Kenny Armstrong
Originating Judge: 
Judge Michael R. Meise
Date Filed: 
Tuesday, December 5, 2017