Become a Rule 31 Trainer

Supreme Court amends Rule 31 to increase DV designation training hours

Pursuant to an order entered by the Tennessee Supreme Court on February 13, 2023, Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 (14)(g) was amended to change the number of required training hours necessary to become a Rule 31 listed family mediator with a domestic violence designation.

Effective June 1, 2023, the DV designation training course must provide sixteen (16) hours of training pre-approved by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission (ADRC).  

Supreme Court Order

Rule 31 Traditional Training Program Applications:

(in-person training format only)

40-Hour Civil Listening Training Application

46 and/or 40 Hour Family Listening Trainer Application

16-Hour Domestic Violence Designation Trainer Application

16-Hour Family to Civil Cross-Over Trainer Application

30 and/or 24-Hour Civil to Family Cross-Over Trainer Application


Rule 31 Non-Traditional Training Program Applications:

Rule 31 Training Virtual Pilot Program Application

Rule 31 Training Hybrid Pilot Program Application


Required Forms for Trainers:

2024 Training Provider Quarterly Report
(printable PDF form - print and fill in by hand) 

2024 Training Provider Quarterly Report
(fillable PDF form - this form can be filled out online and saved as a .pdf file on your hard drive - which you then can print and submit)


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