Listing Renewal & Continuing Education

Listing renewals are due every year and CME hourse are due every 2 years.

To maintain a current Rule 31 Listing status, mediators must annually submit both 1) a renewal application and 2) a renewal fee.

Please use the Mediator Portal and click "Renew my Listing" here.

Standard renewal season is October 1 to December 31.
An increased fee will be assessed for renewal submitted between January 1 - March 31.

A Rule 31 Mediator may complete ALL 6 (six) Biennial Continuing Mediation Education (CME) hours online. This 6 hour requirement is every 2 years. Click here for more information.
If all requirements of a Rule 31 Mediator’s annual renewal have not been completed by March 31 of the renewal year, then the Rule 31 Mediator’s listing lapses. Rule 31, Section 15(b)
A mediator whose credentials have lapsed for failure to comply with CME requirements must re-apply to the ADRC for listing and must have taken all required training per section 14.
To re-apply click here.
If you need assistance, please contact us here
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