Continuing Mediation Education

Scheduled Courses

No in person classes are available at this time.


Internet Training Courses

Below is a list of online courses / trainings that providers have submitted and the ADR Commission has approved as meeting certain continuing mediation education requirements pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 31. 

A Rule 31 Mediator may complete all Continuing Mediation Education (CME) hours online.

Aenzi - Mediate with Emotional Intelligence (available 11/12/19 to 11/11/20)

Aenzi - What Shape is Your Triangle? (available 11/12/19 to 11/11/20)

Aenzi - A Domestic Relations Mediation Refresher Course (available 11/12/19 to 11/11/20)

Aenzi - Effectively Mediate Medical Malpractice Cases (available 11/12/19 to 11/11/20)

Aenzi - Effectively Mediate Post-Adoption Disputes (available 11/12/19 to 11/11/20)

Aenzi - Effectively Mediate with Motivational Interviewing (available 11/12/19 to 11/11/20)

Aenzi - Ethical Mediation (available 11/12/19 to 11/11/20)

KBA - Update on Mediation Ethics (available 4/10/19 - 4/9/21)

KBA - A Messy Mediation: Resolving the TVA Coal Ash Spill Class-Action Lawsuit (available 8/30/19 - 8/29/20)

KBA - Mediation Business or Commercial Disputes: Understanding the Business Owner's Agenda & Playbook (available 10/11/19 - 10/10/20)

KBA - Fundamentals for an Outstanding Mediation Process (available 11/1/19 to 10/31/20)

KBA - Status Updates on Rule 31 Revisions for ADR in Tennessee (available 11/1/19 to 10/31/20)

KBA - Getting to Yes! How to Make Your Employment Mediation a Success (available 1/31/20 to 1/30/21)

KBA - Mediation: Practice & Ethics Update 2019 (available 1/31/20 to 1/30/21)

KBA - Are We There Yet? The Evolution of the Mediation Process (available 1/31/20 to 1/30/21)

KBA - Tips from a Mediator: Do This, Not That (available 1/31/20 to 1/30/21)

TBA - Arbitration Basics (available 11/12/19 to 11/11/20)

TBA - Mediation Advocacy (available 11/5/19 to 11/4/20)

TBA - Mediation Ethics: For Family Mediators, Civil Mediators & Advocates (available 11/21/19 to 11/20/20)

TBA - The Benefits of Mediation in Trusts, Estates & Conservatorships (available 11/12/19 to 11/11/20)

Training Resolved - Family Law Update (available 10/25/19 to 10/24/20)

Training Resolved - Parent Education Class for Mediators & Attorneys (available 10/25/19 to 10/24/20)

Training Resolved - Marketing & Advertising Ethics for Attorneys & Mediators (available 11/10/19 to 11/9/20)

Training Resolved - Ethics Gameshow (available 11/10/19 to 11/9/20)

Training Resolved - Civil Mediator Bundle (available 11/10/19 to 11/9/20)

Training Resolved - Family Mediator Bundle (available 11/10/19 to 11/9/20)

Training Resolved - 1 Hour Dispute Resolution (available 1/23/20 to 1/22/21)

Training Resolved - 1 Hour Emotion in Conflict Resolution (available 1/23/20 to 1/22/21)

CME Course Providers

The links below can be a resource for Mediators to complete the six (6) hours of continuing mediation education every two years.
All Mediators: (A) Three hours in mediation continuing education, of which at least one hour shall be related to mediation ethics, and
GENERAL CIVIL: (B) Three hours general continuing education.
FAMILY LISTED: (B) Three hours continuing education in family law.

Information for CME Providers

We no longer accept Continuing Mediation Education (CME) requests on PDF forms through email. Instead, Providers may submit CME Accreditation Requests through the TN AOC Access Management Portal (AMP) .

Please see our How To Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Accreditation Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the date of the course. Providers will be notified by email once the course has been approved or if more info is requested.

To review which types of CME may be requested, Providers may also read Rule 31, Section 15. Additional Obligations of Rule 31 Mediators, (a) Continuing Mediation Education

If this is your first time, please contact the ADR Staff after you create an AMP Account. The ADR Staff will link your new AMP Account to the CME Provider Account.