State of Tennessee v. Curtis Lee Majors - Group Discussion

Group Discussion Topics & Sample Questions

1. Do you think the Criminal Court of Appeals correctly ruled that the trial court did not err in failing to instruct the jury on what “record, document or thing” was tampered with by Mr. Majors?

2. If you were the arresting officer, would you have assumed Mr. Majors had flushed evidence?

3. Do you agree with Judge Witt in his dissenting opinion that the offense or crime of tampering with evidence requires a possession of a “thing” or “evidence” and that the circumstantial evidence in this case did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Majors possessed any “thing” or “evidence”?

4. Do you think Mr. Mullins proved the “knock and announce” rule was violated by law enforcement?

5. Do you think circumstantial evidence is ever enough to prove that someone committed a crime beyond a reasonable doubt?

6. Do you think the trial court erred by giving no weight to the mitigating factors and not explaining why it gave the mitigating factors the weight it did?