Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Court System

Lesson 1 is intended to help students understand how the court system works and how the various courts work together to hear cases in Tennessee.

The following are outcomes & objectives of the SCALES In-a-Box online tools.  Students will be able to:

  • Identify the four levels of courts in Tennessee and the role of each branch;
  • Explain the difference of each level of the court system in Tennessee;
  • Describe the role of the judicial branch;
  • Explain the differences between civil and criminal cases;
  • Understand how judges make decisions;
  • Explain the appeals process; and
  • Understand how judges are selected and retained in the Tennessee, and how this relates to judicial independence and accountability.

1. Introduction to the Tennessee Judicial System 

2. Introduction to the Court System

3. Faces of Justice

4. Student Handouts and Exercises

5. Additional Materials

  • High School Curriculum on the Judiciary from The American Judicature Society
  • iCivics