Order of Protection Forms

T.C.A. 36-3-604(b) created Order of Protection Forms (English)

Petition for Order of ProtectionPDFWord
Ex-Parte Order of ProtectionPDFWord
Order of ProtectionPDFWord
Bail Order Form in Abuse CasesPDFWord
Affidavit of Firearm Dispossession PDFWord
Dismissal of Order of ProtectionPDFWord
Motion to Modify or Extend Order of Protection and Order Extending Order of Protection Until HearingPDFWord
Wireless Phone Transfer OrderPDFWord
Attachment to Order Transferring Wireless PhonePDFWord
How to Transfer Wireless Phone and AccountPDFWord
Order Extending Ex-Parte/Temporary Order of ProtectionPDFWord

2021 Public Chapter 0060 (T.C.A. 36-3-627) Created Lifetime Order of Protection Forms (English)

Petition for Lifetime Order of ProtectionPDFWord
Temporary Order of Protection - LifetimePDFWord
Lifetime Order of ProtectionPDFWord

T.C.A. 71-6-124 Created Elderly and Vulnerable Adult Order of Protection Forms (English)

Petition for Elderly or Vulnerable Adult Order of Protection and Order for HearingPDFWord
Temporary Order of Protection for Elderly or Vulnerable Adult (Ex Parte Order of Protection)PDFWord
Order of Protection for Elderly or Vulnerable AdultPDFWord

Order of Protection Forms from Local Courts

There are forms other courts/jurisdictions (not the AOC) have created for specific issues involving orders of protection. Below are links to these forms that you may find useful. The AOC is not responsible for the content of these forms and is providing these links as assistance to those looking for possible formats for filings in certain order of protection cases.

Davidson County: Order Extending Order of Protection By Operation of Law (Upon Filing of Divorce)

Davidson County: Order Dissolving or Modifying Order of Protection After Divorce Entered


Frequently Asked Questions

A list of "Frequently Asked Questions on Order of Protection" can be found on the Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence's Resources page. If you would like to review these frequently asked questions, please click "here".

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