Court-Approved General Sessions Civil Court Forms

These general session civil court forms have been approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court as "universally acceptable as legally sufficient". This means that if the forms are filled out correctly that all Tennessee general sessions courts with civil jurisdiction must accept the forms.

Protected Income and Assets (Affidavit of Claim Exemptions)WORDPDFFillable PDF
Request to Make Payments (Motion and Affidavit for Installment Payments and Order)WORDPDFFillable PDF
Request Not to Pay Fees for Appeal (Pauper's Oath in Lieu of Appeal Bond)WORDPDFFillable PDF
Request to Postpone Filing Fee and Order (Uniform Civil Affidavit of Indigency)WORDPDFFillable PDF
Request to Protect Income and Assets (Motion to Quash Garnishment/Execution
and Claim Exemption Rights)
Sworn Denial (Sworn Denial on Account)WORDPDFFillable PDF