Curd v. State ex rel. TBI, et al.

Case Name
Curd v. State ex rel. TBI, et al.
Case Number
Judge Panel

Chancellor Clarence E. Pridemore, Chief Judge (Eastern Grand Division)

Judge Kathryn W. Olita (Middle Grand Division)

Judge J. Robert Carter, Jr. (Western Grand Division)

Cases Description

Petitioner Keith Michael Curd seeks review of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s decision to deny his request for removal from the Sex Offender registry.  Mr. Curd argues that the denial constituted an unconstitutional application of state’s sex offender registry laws because the provision relied upon by the TBI, Tenn. Code Ann. § 40-39-207, was enacted after his conviction and probation.  Curd asserts this constitutes a violation of the state and federal constitutions’ prohibitions on ex post facto laws.


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