The Court Improvement Program provides training for judges, attorneys and foster care review boards.

The attorney training is a three-tiered training - beginning, intermediate and specialty training.

The beginning level training, Introduction to Child Dependency Law, is for the newly-licensed attorney or seasoned attorney who is in need of a refresher course. Practicing in Child Welfare Cases is the intermediate level program.



The NACC Red Book Training Series is being offered for FREE
to Tennessee Attorneys, Judicial Officers, Juvenile Court Staff and
other individuals working in the Child Welfare System. 
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Upcoming Training Events


Attorney Training


Wednesday July 27, 2022  11:15 AM CST

The Teamwork Approach for Dual Diagosis Youth
Davidson County Juvenile Court


Attorney Distance Learning Training Courses

A complete list of CLE courses offered by the Court Improvement Program can be found on our website at this link:

Court Improvement Training

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On-Demand Distance Learning Training

The Court Improvement offers On-Demand Distance Learning training.  Click the links below to watch the On-Demand Distance Learning training and  take the corresponding CLE quiz to obtain CLE credit.

CLE credits will only be given once for each training, regardless of calendar year. 

Please Note:  The Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education limits the number of hours an attorney may earn from on-line trainings to eight (8) hours per year.  Also, an attorney may take each course only one time for CLE credit.

TECHNICAL NOTE:  With recent updates in vendor software, you may experience difficulty in viewing the video using your  preferred browser.  If you are experience difficulty in video playback, please visit our Troubleshooting Assistance Page (click here) for information on browser and viewing compatability.



On-Demand Distance Learning Training Offerings:


Child Development for the Rule 40 Guardian ad Litem and Rule 40 Guardian ad Litem 2022 Educational Update Trainings  
Mandatory training for Attorneys seeking to become a Guardian ad Litem in Tennessee
(Training added to website in august 2022)


Foster Care Review Board for Attorneys: What Child and Parent Attorneys Need to Know  (1.25 general CLE) 
(Training added to website in August 2022) 


Juvenile Case Law Update - Basic (1.20 general hours CLE credit)
(Training added to website in May 2021)


Juvenile Case Law Update - Advanced (1.37 general hours CLE credit)
(Training added to site in June 2021)


Evidence Boot Camp for Juvenile Court Practitioners (2.0 general hours CLE credit)
(Training added to website in May 2021)


Motions Practice for Juvenile Court (1.0 general hour CLE credit)
(Training added to website in May 2021)


Drug Testing Analysis and Toxicology Reports Explained (1.25 general hours CLE credit) 
(Training added to site in December 2021.  Will be retired November 30, 2022)


ABA Standards for the Child's Attorney: A Comparison with Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 40  (0.92 dual hour CLE credit)
(Training added to site in December 2021.   Will be retired November 30, 2022.)



Click here to access trainings for Foster Care Review Board Members and Court Staff