Supreme Court Issues Order As July Bar Exam Reaches Capacity

The Tennessee Supreme Court issued an Order today related to deadlines for the July 2022 bar exam, which has reached capacity in Knoxville and Memphis and is near capacity in Nashville.

According to the Order, upon reaching capacity at the testing location in Nashville, applications for the July 2022 bar examination will close. Any applicant with a submitted and paid application as of the time capacity has been reached will have until May 20, 2022, in which to complete the application process. If there are more applications submitted and paid than there are available seats when the application closes, those without a seat will be placed on a wait­list for Nashville. If a seat is not available by June 15, 2022, those applicants without a seat will be given a refund of the filing fee and withdrawn from the examination.

The Order does not affect test takers who have already submitted an application through Synergy and paid the Tennessee application fee.

Read the Order here.