Immigration Considerations in Tennessee Child Welfare

Edith Johnson, Esq.
 Program Coordinator of Immigration Services, Catholic Charities of East Tennessee
Chay Sengkhounmany, Esq. Lead Immigration Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee
Sandra Gibbs, Esq. Private Attorney with a juvenile immigration practice 
Casey Bryant, Esq. Executive Director, Advocates for Immigrant Rights

This CLE provides a basic overview of immigration law and the options available to immigrant children, particularly Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS). The presenters will discuss cultural, linguistic, legal barriers and ethical considerations for working with mixed status families, as well as provide nuts-and-bolts guidance for SIJS, how to draft SIJS-compliant orders and how to file a SIJS petition with the immigration agency. 

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1. According to Ms. Johnson, what are the components of cultural competency?
2. Special Immigration Juvenile Status requires a predicate order in the juvenile court. The predicate order in juvenile court should include what specific language::
3. A non citizen child automatically becomes a citizen when they are adopted.
4. The immigration attorney will submit the I-360/ SIJS petition, predicate order, and birth certificate to which agency?
5. SIJS Petition must be filed prior to::
6. Please explain your primary reasons for taking this training:


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