Fostering College Success:  Supporting Youth in Higher Education 

Sarah Pauter, John Burton Advocates for Youth        

Young people with experience in foster care often struggle to be successful in college. In 2021, the Tennessee legislature authorized the Department of Children's Services, working jointly with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, the Board of Regents, and public institutions of higher education to establish a pilot foster care youth outreach liaison pilot program at a minimum of five (5) public institutions of higher education (Tenn. Code § 49-7-179).

The liaisons serve young people who have experienced foster care by being a knowledgeable source of information about college and a connection to further supports and services that might be necessary to support their college success.

Sarah Pauter, foster care alumna and Senior Education Project Manager at the John Burton Center for Youth discusses common obstacles facing young people in the transition from high school to college and strategies to support student success in and out of the classroom. The session was recorded in cooperation with the DCS office of Independent Living, and many of Tennessee’s new Foster Care Liaisons were in attendance for the live session.           

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