Advanced Juvenile Case Law Update


Advanced Juvenile Case Law Update

Presenter:  David Grimmett, Esq. 

For juvenile court practitioners, the world of D&N and TPR is ever changing.  Please join us in an advanced case law update where we will review new cases and how to use those from both the GAL and parents’ attorneys perspectives.  

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Please provide the appropriate answer to the following questions.

1. When representing a parent, you are allowed to withdraw on the day of trial if you do not have any evidence to support your lack of communication with the client?
2. When representing a parent, you may invoke the grandparent visitation statute when the following occurs:
3. A child can be found dependent and neglected based upon a parent pleading guilty to attempted aggravated child abuse alone without any other evidence.
4. A Guardian ad Litem has absolutely immunity when/if a child sues the guardian ad litem for malpractice.
5. You may only apply the unclean hands doctrine and missing witness rule in a jury trial?