Distance Learning/Mediasite Trouble Shooting

Thank you for your interest in the Court Improvement Distance Learning Courses. 

With recent updates in software by different providers (Operating systems, browsers, etc.) we are aware of some issues with viewing the training recordings.  

Please see below for troubleshooting information based on the training you are attempting to view. 

"Adverse Childhood Experiences"  and 
"Introduction to Motivational Interviewing for the Guardian ad Litem" 

If you are having difficulty in viewing the "Adverse Childhood Experiences" or the "Introduction to Motivational Interviewing for the Guardian ad Litem" Distance Learning Courses - please review the following for your browser of choice:

Internet Explorer - the videos can be viewed using the SIlverLight software. You may be prompted to download or update  to a current version of Silverlight. 

Google Chrome, FireFox, Edge, and all other browsers:  the video presentations can be viewed using Adobe Flash Player.  You may be prompted to download or update to a current version of the Flash Player,

Other Devices: You may not be able to view the presentations on portable devices, such as an Apple or Android Product, as they do not support Internet Explorer or Flash Player. 

Other Trainings

We are not aware of any difficulties with viewing our other training courses at this time. If you are experiencing difficulties in viewing other courses,  please contact the CIP Administrative Assistant by email at  cipadminassistant@tncourts.gov or by calling 615 741 2687 X1300.


Troubleshooting MediaSiteSoftware

If you are still experienceing difficulty in viewing the trainings,  you may click the link below to see if your system is compatible with Mediasite. MediaSite is the program used to deliver the content. 


There are also links to "Test your audio and video connection."  You will see a test video stream and hear the audio.   There is also a list of browsers and mobile devices supported through MediaSite. 

For viewing on tablets or mobile devices using MediaSite,  visit: https://support.sonicfoundry.com/Training/ViewingRequirements and click on Mobile Devices.

If you are having issues after viewing the support from Mediasite, please email cipadminassistant@tncourts.gov