National Studies and Data

A. Determining Indigency

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B. Expenditures

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Defense Services, Fiscal Year 2008 (Spangenberg Project Nov. 2010)

C. Indigent Defense – Guideline and Standards

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System (Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants Feb.

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Gideon at 50 – Part 1 Rationing Justice (March 2013)

Gideon at 50 – Part 2 Redefining Indigence (March 2014)


D. Juvenile Offenders

Peak Article - Massachusetts Juvenile Justice System Makeover

Indicators of Success for Parent Representation

National Juvenile Defense Standards (Nat’l Juvenile Defender Ctr. 2012)

E. Public Defenders

50 State Statutory Surveys: Criminal Laws: Representation – Pay Rates
and Scales for Contractual and Volunteer Public Defenders (Thomson
Reuters Oct. 2014)

50 State Statutory Surveys: Criminal Laws: Representation –
Qualifications of Volunteer and Contractual Public Defenders (Thomson
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