About the Board of Judicial Conduct

The Board of Judicial Conduct  was created by the legislature to investigate and, when warranted, act on complaints against judges. Members are appointed by multiple appointing authorities, including the Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House and various judicial conferences.

The Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct  was created by the legislature to:

1. Provide an orderly and efficient method for making inquiry into:

  • The physical, mental and/or moral fitness of any Tennessee judge;
  • Whether the judge committed judicial misconduct;
  • Whether the judge committed any act calculated to reflect unfavorably upon the judiciary of the state or bring it into disrepute or which may adversely affect the administration of justice in the state

2. Provide a process by which appropriate sanctions may be imposed;

3. Implement constitutional provisions by providing a procedure for the removal of judges.

Board of Judicial Conduct Rules

History of the BJC

Download a report detailing the history of the Board of Judicial Conduct and its predecessor, the Court of the Judiciary and Judicial Standards Commission.

Statistical Reports

Board of Judicial Conduct Reports

The Board of Judicial Conduct, as mandated by Tenn. Code Ann. § 17-5-207, has provided statistical data for the number of filings and dispositions handled by the Board.

Monthly Reports

Quarterly Reports

Court of the Judiciary Reports

The Court of the Judiciary  ceased to exist June 30, 2012, and was replaced by the Board of Judicial Conduct.  Monthly and quarterly reports on filings and dispositions occurring after June 30, 2012, may be accessed at Board of Judicial Conduct Reports above.

2011-2012  final annual report

2010-2011 annual report

2009-2010 annual report

2008-2009 annual report

2007-2008 annual report

2006-2007 annual report

2005-2006 annual report

2004-2005 annual report

Statutes About the BJC

Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) § 17-5-101, et seq. may be found at the Lexis Law Publishing web site.