Appellate Court Clerk’s Office Installing New System
 To Track Appeals, Provide Online Access

August 6, 2013

The Tennessee Appellate Court Clerk’s Office will complete installation later this month of a new digital tracking system for the appellate courts, allowing for greater access to information for lawyers, litigants and the general public.
The new case management system, known as C-Track, will provide online and mobile access to digital copies of motions, orders, opinions, and judgments. The PDF files will be available free of charge any time of day at Currently, only basic case history information is available online.
The installation process will begin at 4:30 p.m. CDT on Wednesday August 21. New filings submitted to any of the appellate courts after that time will be filed on Monday, August 26. This will extend by two business days filing deadlines for any matter with the appellate courts. The Tennessee Supreme Court has entered an order declaring the Clerk’s Office “inaccessible” for purposes of filing documents on Thursday, August 22 and Friday, August 23 so as to allow for the installation of the new computer system.
“Our staff will be working the entire week to help facilitate the transition, so we will be in the office and available to assist patrons in person and by phone,” said Mike Catalano, Appellate Court Clerk. “However, the new computer system will not be available to file documents during that time period.”
The temporary delay in filings affects all three physical Appellate Court Clerk’s offices – in Jackson, Knoxville, and Nashville. The offices serve the Tennessee Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Criminal Court of Appeals.
If a party submits an emergency motion, petition, or application during the office's normal business hours on August 22 or August 23 the Appellate Court Clerk's Office will immediately transmit such pleading to the respective court for whatever action the court deems necessary.
“We’re excited to implement this new technology, which will make tracking of document and cases more efficient for those in the clerk’s office as well as attorneys and others who do business with the office,” said Ann Lynn Walker, the Court’s Director of Technology.
This month’s installation of C-Track is just the first step in a series of projects designed to take advantage of technology in the court’s case filing system.
To read the text of the Court’s Order regarding the scheduled transition, click here.