Tennessee Court Talk is an educational podcast from the Tennessee Supreme Court and the Administrative Office of the Courts, bringing together the very best law experts to discuss topics affecting judges, attorneys, law students, and the people of Tennessee. The intended audience for each episode varies and is announced during the introduction.

Episodes can be found and downloaded on the player of your choosing.Episode 1: In Tennessee Court Talk's premier episode, Judge Butch Childers (Ret.) and Nashville Attorney John Day, two members of the Tennessee Judicial Conference Pattern Jury Instructions Civil Committee, discuss the importance of jury instructions and how critical they can be to the outcome of a case, the evolution of the committee and advice to judges on giving instructions to a jury.

Episode 2: This episode discusses the appellate practice in Tennessee from start to finish. Guests include Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Tim Easter, Court of Appeals Judge Neal McBrayer, and Clerk of the Appellate Courts Jim Hivner. Topics include everything from tips on filing a notice to appeal to brief writing to preparing for oral argument. 

Episode 3: In July 2019, the Centers for Disease Control released the most recent opioid overdose mortality rates, which showed a decrease for the first time in a decade at the national level. Unfortunately, that trend did not hold true for Tennessee, where overdose rates rose a modest 4.8 percent. In this episode, Special Agent Tommy Farmer from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Dangerous Drug Task Force and Dr. Robert Pack, Professor of Community and Behavior Health at East Tennessee State University, discuss the most recent statistics, where the state is showing improvements as well as new trends like the increase of heroin and fentanyl and the resurgence of meth.

Episode 4: In this episode, Judge Duane Slone, Judge Tim Brock and Mr. Jeff Smith, the project director for the eighth judicial district of New York, discuss the court system's response to the opioid epidemic beyond implementing traditional drug courts. Judge Slone explains the Recovery Oriented Compliance Strategy, Judge Brock tells his reasons for starting Tennessee's first Family Drug Court, and Mr. Smith details the success of the country's first Opioid Intervention Court. 

Episode 5: Living in an environment with drugs can have devastating consequences for children. In this episode, we learn about the work of the Tennessee Alliance for Drug-Endangered Children from Tabatha Curtis with the Tenessee Bureau of Investigations and Amy Coble, State Director of Investigations for the Tennessee Department of Children's Services. Judge Tim Brock, who presides over the state's only family drug court and one of the state's first safe baby courts, explores how agencies and the courts work together to protect children when a caregiver is struggling with addiction. 

Episode 6: In this episode, Judge Ana Esobar of Nashville, Judge Robert Philyaw of Chattanooga, Assitant District Attorney Sarah Wolfson of Nashivlle and Jerry Redman, executive director of Street Grace in Chattanooga, TN discuss how human traficking and domestic violence intertwine and the steps the court system, outside organizations and communities are taking in order to help recognize and solve human trafficking in Tennessee. 



Episode 7: In episode 7 of Tennessee Court Talk, we turn our attention to discuss the criminal side of jury instruction. Judge Chris Craft of Shelby County, Judge Dee David Gay of Sumner County and Judge Mark Ward of Shelby County, all members of the Tennessee Judicial Conference Pattern Jury Instructions Criminal Committee, discuss the importance of jury instructions and how critical they can be to the outcome of a criminal case, the evolution of the committee, and advice to judges and attorneys on giving instructions to a jury. 


Episode 8: Today about 25 percent of state judges in Tennessee are female, which places Tennessee 45 out of 50 states for women in the judiciary. In this episode, we sit down with Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Connie Clark, Court of Appeal Judge Carma Dennis McGee, Chancellor Jerri Bryant and Judge Angelita Blackshear Dalton to discuss the importance of diversity on the bench, why they decided to run, and how they balance campaigns and work with family and other obligations.