COVID-19 Related Trainings

The Tennessee Court Improvement Program understands that these are challenging and unprecedented times which present demands in your roles in the child welfare system. 

We have prepared a series trainings to assist you with issues unique to your advocacy for the youth in Foster Care during the Covid-19 Pandemic.   We hope that you will avail yourself of these learning opportunities.


Addressing the Needs of Young Adults Transitioning from Foster Care during COVID-19 (1.00 hour training credit)


Viewing the Pandemic Through the Lens of Foster Youth (1.33 hours training credit)


Stress Management and Self-Care Series 

This is a four part training series.  

Part I: Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First: Understanding and Managing Stress (1.00 hour training credit)

Part II: Putting Your Oxygen Mask on Others: Supporting Stress Managament with Others (1.00 hour of training credit)

Part III: Psychologically Safe Organizations: 'We Care' Cultures Managing Stress (1.00 hour of training credit)

Part IV: Ask the Expert: A Q&A on Stress Management and Self-Care During a Crisis with Dr. Jon Ebert (1.00 hour of training credit) 


TECHNICAL NOTE:  With recent updates in vendor software, you may experience difficulty in viewing the video using your  preferred browser.  If you are experience difficulty in video playback, please visit our Troubleshooting Assistance Page (click here) for information on browser and viewing compatability.