General Sessions Data Repository Request for Qualifications (RFQ) - RFQ 30227-16001

The objective of this RFQ is to acquire and implement a statewide court data repository of General Sessions’ court information that meets the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts' (AOC) requirements to collect general sessions data. This data would include detailed case information that would be used to produce statistical data, allowing the AOC to provide a variety of different reports on General Sessions’ activities. In addition, the data repository would have online access for qualified users to do inquiries and pre-defined queries.  The repository system should have proven capability in other public or private entities.

The RFQ and Attachments are linked below:

RFQ 30227-16001

Attachment J -- Pro Forma Contract

Attachment K -- Requirements Matrix

Attachment L -- Reporting Specification

Attachment M -- Output Design

Attachment N --  Project Schedule

Attachment 0 -- State of Tennessee Enterprise Architecture (This document is available upon request)

Amendment 1 - State response to written "Questions & Comments"



Substance Abuse Grant

Under a grant from the State Justice Institute (SJI-01-N-210-C03-1), the National Center for State Courts Institute for Court Management, in collaboration with the American Judges Association, is pleased to provide judges access to an online course on Substance Abuse.

This course explores the nature of alcohol and other drug abuse as well as the dynamics of recovery in the court context. It is intended as a primer for judges who handle all types of case. Its goal is to encourage judges in all types of courts to share current information and work with experts in other disciplines to develop new systematic approaches to address this large and challenging court population. The course was created using "WebCT" instructional software and requires users to enroll prior to accessing course content and materials. The enrollment process requires participants to provide a full name, email address and phone number.

ICM is also asking participants to identify their court organization and position/title for course demographic purposes. Upon enrollment in the course participants are able to navigate the course at their own pace in an individualized setting in a secured environment.

To access the course, please go to the National Center for State Courts Institute for Court Management "Free Resources" website.

Select the Judicial Education on Substance Abuse course. You will be directed to an enrollment page where you will be required to complete the registration form and click on the submit button once completed. An email response will be returned to you within 48 hours with a user name and password. Follow the enrollment instructions to access the course.

If you are having problems accessing the registration page or the WebCT Substance Abuse course please email elearning@ncsc.dni.us.

This Educational Curriculum was prepared with the support of a grant from the State Justice Institute (SJI-01-N-063). Points of view expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the State Justice Institute.                                                                                       

Request for Proposals to Create Tennessee Court Interpreter Workshop Manuals

Court interpretation for limited English proficient persons is a specialized and highly demanding form of interpreting. It requires skills that few bilingual individuals, including language instructors, possess. Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 42 states in Section 5, to receive designation as a state registered court interpreter, the candidate shall attend an approved ethics and skill building workshop.

The AOC has grant funds available from the Office of Criminal Justice Programs for the development of Ethics & Skills Building Workshop manuals to be used by the Court Interpreter Credentialing Program. This project’s objective is to develop, with significant input from the Administrative Office of the Court’s Court Interpreter Credentialing Program staff, standardized manuals to be used by workshop instructors and students. The grant period is July 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018.

Click here to download the application and to view the requirements.

Grant Deadlines

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