Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts

Board of Judicial Conduct Places Campbell County General Sessions Judge Amanda Sammons on Three-Year Probation

January 23, 2017

The Board of Judicial Conduct, which investigates and acts on complaints against judges in Tennessee, has placed General Sessions Judge Amanda Sammons on a three-year probation, in accordance with a Deferred Disciplinary Agreement as contemplated by T.C.A. § 17-5-301 (f)(4), in lieu of pursuing formal charges against her. 

According to the Deferred Disciplinary Agreement, Judge Sammons has agreed to the following conditions of her probation: (1) she will have Criminal Court Judge for the 8th Judicial District of Tennessee Shayne Sexton as her mentor to assist her with any matters of law, procedure or ethics she may have; (2) she will attend, at her own expense, the General Jurisdiction Course at the National Judicial College; and (3) the issue of probation will be re-visited by the Board, should any meritorious complaint be filed against her during the three-year period.

The decision comes after an investigative panel responded to several complaints that had been filed against Judge Sammons.

The order imposing the Deferred Disciplinary Agreement states that “The investigative panel has noted that Judge Sammons has expressed a sincere desire to modify her behavior as a Judge so as to be more reflective and less hasty and impatient in her judicial decision-making.”

The Deferred Disciplinary Agreement and letter from Judge Sammons to the Board can be viewed here.