Evaluation Commission Recommends Justices & Judges for Retention

January 17, 2014

The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission met Friday, January 17 and voted to recommend the following justices and judges for retention in the August 2014 general election:

Supreme Court:

Justice Cornelia A. Clark

Justice Sharon G. Lee

Chief Justice Gary R. Wade

Court of Appeals:

Judge Andy D. Bennett

Judge Frank G. Clement

Judge Richard H. Dinkins

Judge Thomas R. Frierson, II

Judge Holly M. Kirby

Judge John Westley McClarty

Judge J. Steven Stafford

Judge Charles D. Susano

Judge D. Michael Swiney

Court of Criminal Appeals

Judge Jeffrey S. Bivins

Judge Alan E. Glenn

Judge Camille McMullen

Judge Norma McGee Ogle

Judge Roger A. Page

Judge D. Kelly Thomas

Judge Robert W. Wedemeyer

Judge John Everett Williams

Judge Curwood Witt

Judge Thomas T. Woodall