State of Tennessee v. Kermit Maurice Cozart

State of Tennessee v. Kermit Maurice Cozart

The defendant, Kermit Maurice Cozart, appeals from a guilty verdict returned against him by a Henry County jury for Aggravated Kidnapping, a Class B felony. The trial court sentenced the defendant to ten years at 100% as a violent offender for the aggravated kidnapping. The defendant contends that the trial court erred in failing to give the defendant’s requested special jury instruction. The defendant had requested that the trial court specifically charge the jury on aggravated kidnapping in the context of a robbery in accordance with the language of State v. Anthony, 817 S.W.2d 299 (Tenn. 1991). The defendant contends that the court’s instruction left the jury without guidance sufficient to decide whether the defendant should stand convicted for the offense of aggravated kidnapping. After careful review, we AFFIRM the instruction, judgment, and sentence from the trial court.

Authoring Judge: 
Judge John Everett Williams
Originating Judge: 
Judge Julian P. Guinn
Date Filed: 
Wednesday, March 8, 2000