Barry L. Clark v. Mark Gwyn Et Al.

Barry L. Clark v. Mark Gwyn Et Al.

The petitioner was convicted of multiple sexual offenses in Maryland in 1981. Several years after completing his sentence for these convictions, he was incarcerated in Pennsylvania for a different crime. While serving his sentence in Pennsylvania, he received interstate transfer of parole to Tennessee. Thereafter, the petitioner was informed that he must register as a sexual offender in Tennessee. He registered in 2011 and, in 2016, sent the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (“TBI”) a letter requesting termination of his registration. After the TBI denied his request, the petitioner filed a petition for judicial review in the chancery court. The chancery court affirmed the TBI’s denial of the petitioner’s request, and the petitioner appeals. Finding no error in the chancery court’s decision, we affirm.        

Authoring Judge: 
Judge Andy D. Bennett
Originating Judge: 
Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman
Date Filed: 
Thursday, April 11, 2019