In Re R. L. Et Al.

In Re R. L. Et Al.

In this dependency and neglect case, the juvenile court adjudicated father’s (E.L.) six children dependent and neglected and one of the female children (R.L.) a victim of severe abuse perpetrated by father. Father appealed to the circuit court. After a de novo hearing, the circuit court entered an order holding that clear and convincing evidence exists to demonstrate that R.L. was sexually abused by father and as such was a dependent and neglected and severely abused child. The court similarly found clear and convincing evidence that father’s additional children were also dependent and neglected. Father appeals. We affirm. 

Authoring Judge: 
Judge Charled D. Susano, Jr.
Originating Judge: 
Judge Ross H. Hicks
Date Filed: 
Tuesday, December 4, 2018